Monday, July 18, 2011

The Monday Mix: Fashion and Decor

The Monday Mix today is Dresses and Decor

It's always a surprise, I never know what I'm going to find! Talk about one of a kind decor! Dresses and Decor... I think it's my favorite mix thus far- so many creative ways to use a frock!
Would you ever think of using a collection of pretty summer dresses for a window treatment! 

 How pretty is this?!
I've seen a lot of paintings lately of dresses- mostly like the ones that Ballard Design sells (below), but this blue dress is very unique.

fell in love dress
Ballard Designs
Moment in Time Giclee Print
Ballard Designs

This photo was just sooo breathtaking, I had to include it!

If your dress coordinates with your bedding you might let it have an extended stay outside of the closet.

Look how cute it can look... just hanging on the wall, complimenting everything else!
A dress as wall art- Why not?

Special dresses as wall art in a little girls room. 
It's so hard to pack away those cute little holiday dresses- don't!

A vintage dress can be inspiring in a studio.
...and in the wardrobe- sometimes we need a little more time to admire that little black dress that debuts only occasionally!

This has been the fifth installment of the Monday Mix: Fashion and Decor
Are you inspired to view your fashion items in a new way?

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  1. Love all your picks!! That one with the low flowy blue gown is over the top gorgeous!! Love incorporating a beautiful dress into decor...why not!

  2. I am in love with the second image. The colors are and the dress is gorgeous! Lovely post.


  3. Those blues and whites are just wonderful! IMImmediately uplifting!

  4. Love the "dress post"! My fav is the Ballard Design painting of the dress. Tiffany

  5. This is a fabulous idea. Some of my dresses, this would be the only use they get, lol.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I love the idea of displaying vintage dresses with similar time frame memorabilia.